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This page provides rainfall summaries for rain gauges that are operated and maintained by MSD. Actual rainfall conditions are automatically telemetered (transmitted) to MSD's central computer every 5 minutes. This page is then updated every minute automatically. The "Rainfall Rate" column to right displays the rainfall rate in inches per hour detected by the gauge during the previous 5 minute period. The "Daily Total" column displays the total inches of rain recorded at that gauge since midnight of the current day.

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Current Rainfall Conditions as of
Apr 28, 2016 7:40 PM
ID Site Rainfall
TR01 D. R. Guthrie WQTC 0.00 0.00
TR02 PRP Fire Station Training Facility 0.00 0.01
TR03 Shively PS 0.00 0.02
TR04 Morris Forman WQTC 0.00 0.02
TR05 Beargrass Creek PS 0.00 0.02
TR06 Hite Creek WQTC 0.00 0.01
TR07 Floyds fork WQTC 0.00 0.02
TR08 Fern Creek Fire Station #3 0.00 0.00
TR09 Cedar Creek WQTC 0.00 0.12
TR10 Camp Horine (Jefferson Co. Forest) 0.00 0.01
TR11 Northern Ditch PS 0.00 0.01
TR12 Nightingale PS 0.00 0.00
TR13 St. Matthews Elementary School 0.00 0.01
TR14 Lea Ann Way PS 0.00 0.04
TR15 Jeffersontown WQTC **** ****
TR17 Mt. St. Francis 0.00 0.03
TR18 IVY Tech 0.00 0.02
TR19 Fairdale High School 0.00 0.12
TR20 Pond Creek PS 0.00 0.34
TR21 Wheeler Basin 0.00 0.01
TR22 Billtown Rd PS 0.00 0.11
TR23 Transylvania Beach PS 0.00 0.01
**** = Temporarily offline
WQTC = Water Quality Treatment Center
PS = Pumping Station
More Rainfall Info

Rainfall times are recorded based on the Eastern Standard Time. Rainfall data is not shifted for Daylight Savings Time.

Last Updated: 11/03/2015

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