A good working relationship between MSD and its business partners is essential to MSD's success and to our community's success.

MSD's Regulatory Services department (RS) is responsible for the Hazardous Materials Program and the Pretreatment Program.

A Hazardous Material Spill Prevention Control (HMPC) Plan Application must be submitted to MSD by any business that manufactures, uses or stores hazardous materials in excess of designated quantities.

Interested in learning more about the Supplier Diversity program and how to become certified?


Explain billing - different than residential (parking lots)
Need information on contract mowing?
Do I need to submit a Hazardous Materials Form?
Do I need to submit a Spill Prevention Form?
How can I get certified through your Supplier Diversity Program?
How can I get a Wastewater Permit Application?
How can I contact the buyer who is responsible for purchasing my product?

Development Issues:

Would you like to view the most current MSD Board Meeting Agenda?

Louisville and Jefferson County have adopted a Hazardous Materials Ordinance to prevent serious harm to the environment and reduce the likelihood of a problem from a hazardous material spill.

The Quality Charge Testing Program calculates billing rates for industrial and commercial users.

MSD is reorganizing its wastewater and drainage programs into eleven watersheds.


Last Updated: October 19, 2010

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