MSD continues to educate our community through newsletters, brochures, school programs and this web site.

Fifty years of service
come along with us on a historical journey to Louisville in the 1800s (includes great photos from the 1930s through today).

MSD promotes several programs emphasizing environmental awareness and education.

What can be done to reduce flooding?
Elementary, middle and high school teachers! Use your students' interest in the environment to teach history, health, research skills, math, writing and more. Check out these suggestions.

MSD paving the way for a cleaner tomorrow.

Check local rainfall levels online. Actual rainfall conditions are automatically telemetered
(transmitted) to MSD's central computer every 5 minutes.


What is a watershed?
How does wastewater treatment work?

What is a greenway?

Why is erosion prevention and sediment control so important?
What is pretreatment?
How does a pumping station work?

Kids know stuff you don't!
Read student reports about the Birds of Miles Park

The Stream Program was established by MSD to gather and evaluate water quality and biological data.

Last Updated: July 06, 2012

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