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Jeffersontown Water Quality Treatment Center (JTWQTC)

The JTWQTC is a single stage activated sludge treatment plant with two parallel treatment trains. Influent is received through a common bar screen and grit chamber, and then split among the "new" plant (2/3 of flow) and the "old" plant. Design flow for the combined facility is 4.0 million gallons per day. Secondary clarifier effluent from the two treatment trains is mixed in a post aeration basin, disinfected using ultra-violet light and discharged to Chenoweth Run Creek. Chenoweth Run, considered to be a "no-flow" stream by the Kentucky Division of Water, is a tributary of Floyd’s Fork.

Settled secondary sludge is wasted to aerobic digesters. The aerobic digesters are the tanks, which were formerly anaerobic digesters. The waste activated sludge is hauled by truck to the Morris Forman Treatment Plant for further processing and disposal.

Odor Control
Odor control improvements have been recently completed at the Jeffersontown WQTC. Phase 1 of these improvements included installation of a permanent cover over the sludge holding tank. The air from this tank is now treated in a new carbon adsorber unit before being released to the atmosphere. Air treatment of the siphon structure upstream of the plant was also included in the project. The construction costs for this project were nearly $200,000. Construction was complete on Phase 1 in June 2002.

MSD also performed additional odor sampling and modeling at the Jtown WQTC to determine if there are other odor sources that need to be eliminated. As a result of this work, MSD installed chemical feed systems at Chenoweth Run and Lakelet Way pumping stations to reduce odor levels coming into the treatment plant from the collection system.

Phase 2 of Odor Control improvements included permanent aluminum covers for the plant influent box, distribution box, bar screen channels, grit chamber, primary influent channel, primary effluent channel, and the aeration influent channels. Air from these sources is now treated through the activated sludge process. A digester tank was converted to a solids holding tank and the air is treated in the carbon adsorber unit (which was installed in Phase 1). The Phase 2 improvements were completed in October of 2003.

Click here (410K, ) for more details regarding the Jtown WQTC Odor Control Project.

Jeffersontown Local Limits

Parameter Maximum Daily Concentration
Total Arsenic 0.82 mg/l
Total Cadmium 0.15 mg/l
Total Chromium 5.0 mg/l
Total Copper 0.92 mg/l
Total Lead 0.25 mg/l
Total Mercury 0.0015 mg/l
Total Nickel 1.5 mg/l
Total Silver 0.40 mg/l
Total Zinc 3.4 mg/l
Ammonia 50.0 mg/l
Cyanide, Amenable 0.15 mg/l
Oil & Grease (Hydrocarbon) 100.0 mg/l

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Last Updated: July 06, 2012

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