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Commercial/Industrial Process Plan Review

Commercial/Industrial Process Plan Review (CIPPR) resides in the Regulatory Services Department (RS) of MSD. RS is responsible for permitting those industries discharging regulated wastes to the system.

The intent of the CIPPR as it relates to proposed Commercial and Industrial facilities is as follows:

  • to provide Pretreatment (PT) regulatory guidance and assistance.
  • to ensure that adequate pretreatment equipment and facilities are being utilized by the Commercial/Industrial community.
  • to ensure that applicable required PT equipment/facilities are constructed in the appropriate location to maximize PT capabilities.
  • to ensure that all process waste stream connections, floor drains, floor sinks, and other discharge points are identified/accounted for and addressed.
  • to ensure that existing facilities which modify or revise their facilities are identified and provided the same regulatory guidance.
  • to provide a mechanism for MSD to update its Commercial/Industrial database and assure Industrial Users (IU) are identified and addressed.
  • to identify IUs and refer them to the Permit and Hazardous Materials and Spill Prevention Section’s for review.

The program focuses on identification of targeted IU’s during the zoning and building permit review process, as well as, field inspection of these facilities during construction. Identification through the review process can prove beneficial to pretreatment and monitoring facilities since necessary improvements are less costly to include at the initial planning and installation stage than they would be after the facility is built.

Individuals submitting plans for proposed Commercial or Industrial construction are given an MSD/RS Plan Submittal Survey Form to complete. Those who answer "yes" to any survey questions must provide an additional copy of the plumbing and site plans to MSD/RS with their already prepared sets of plans to Metro Government. MSD/RS reviews and stamps plans to prepare the way for the required Metro departments approval. The primary concerns of MSD/RS are identification of high risk IUs, separation of process lines, installation of pretreatment equipment and location of a suitable monitoring site. Once these concerns have been addressed in the submitted plans, they are stamped approved by MSD/RS. As plans are approved by MSD/RS, a First Release is issued to the IU.

Once the new IU facility has been constructed MSD/RS inspects the plumbing prior to backfilling to ensure the approved plans have been followed. If the inspection reveals that the approved plans were followed, MSD/RS issues a Final Release to the IU and the final plumbing inspection takes place still prior to backfilling. If the MSD/RS inspection reveals that the approved plans were not followed, the required changes must be made and the site rechecked by MSD/RS prior to the final plumbing inspection. MSD/RS will not issue a Final Release until the inspection reveals that the approved plans were followed.

Once the Final Release has been issued to an IU, facility information will be forwarded to the Permitting staff of MSD/RS.

Please call Peggy Burgin at 540-6974 to schedule a time for plan reviews/inspections.

  RS Plan Submittal Survey Form


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Last Updated: July 06, 2012

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