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Guidelines and Procedures for the Evaluation of New Products and Pre-Approved Sources of Construction Products, Materials and Supplies

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Manufacturers and suppliers that desire to have their products, materials and supplies pre-approved for construction by MSD must follow these guidelines and procedures. Pre-approval by MSD means that products, materials and supplies may be used on MSD projects (or those that must meet MSD specifications and standards without the need of having the contractor submit shop drawings or other documentation during their construction project). MSD will review the material and documentation submitted and if found to be acceptable, issue an approval for contractors to use the products, materials and supplies as follows:

  • Approval on a case-by-case basis
  • Approved Indefinitely
  • Probationary approval for 1-year
  • Approved conditionally (with conditions stated)

The following information is required to be submitted to MSD’s New Product Review Coordinator.

  1. Provide (four copies) of all pertinent material specifications and documentation on the product to fully describe the product and its use. This includes information on the products expected service life along with appropriate back-up data.
  2. Describe, explain and document how and what way the material meets, or does not conflict with, MSD’s Standard Specifications.
  3. Submit test results from a recognized independent laboratory that demonstrate the qualities, and material aspects of the product for its intended use. MSD reserves the right to request further tests or trial periods by independent organizations or by MSD personnel prior to approval.
  4. Submit documentation that the product has been used successfully for a minimum of three (3) years by at least three (3) different utilities or agencies. Provide name, title and telephone number of contact for each user. MSD may contact the utilities or agencies for information on cost, ease of installation, maintenance repair, etc. MSD may visit construction sites to observe/inspect standard installation conditions. A waiver of this requirement may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Submit detailed shop and working drawings of the product, materials or supplies in a digital format (CD or DVD).
  6. Submit copies of detailed installation, maintenance and repair instructions, along with any necessary design manuals, warranties, guarantees, operation guides, supply storage and handling instructions, etc.
  7. Provide information on availability of training for time required, location of training and cost for MSD personnel to be trained in the use, application or care of the product.
  8. Furnish a list of recommended spare and repair parts for the product; estimated prices; product availability and delivery time.
  9. Provide a list of local suppliers for the product (within 50 miles of Louisville Metro area or with 24-hours or less turnaround time). This must include information on the availability of field service personnel, estimated response time and cost per hour.

If approval is granted by MSD, it will be a conditional probationary period for one year. MSD will require the manufacturer and contractor to guarantee complete removal and replacement of the products, materials or supplies for one year after acceptance of construction.

MSD may require additional documentation data or information to complete the evaluation.

A list of the pre-approved sources of MSD products, material and supplies is available on MSD’s web site. The list is updated frequently, as needed.

Send all four copies of the information requested above along with a cover letter from the person requesting approval to:

Tamika N. Davis
New Product Review Coordinator
Louisville & Jefferson County MSD
Louisville, KY 40203-1913
Office: 540-6312
Fax: 540-6561

If you have any questions about the process or procedure outlined above, or if you would like to determine the status of your new product review, please contact Tamika Davis as listed above.

Download PDF version of this page  (, 37K) - updated Feb. 2, 2011
Download Pre-Approved Sources List - Latest Version
Last Updated: July 06, 2012

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