MSD strives to meet the needs of our customers and our community.  Here are topics that may be of particular interest to you:

Fifty years of service come along with us on a historical journey to Louisville in the 1800s (includes great photos from the 1930s through today).

Interested in learning more about your bill?   Part sewer - part drainage?

Would you like to view the most current MSD Board Meeting Agenda?

Protect your neighborhood from flooding!

Development of Louisville and Jefferson County's flood protection system is on-going.

Check local rainfall online. Actual rainfall conditions are automatically telemetered
(transmitted) to MSD's central computer every 5 minutes. 

The Floods of 1997 brought the heaviest rainstorms on record to the Louisville area.

MSD — paving the way for a cleaner tomorrow.

Live or work in a flood-prone area?  Follow these steps to reduce damage from high water.

MSD uses a watershed approach for managing its wastewater and stormwater programs. The majority of MSD's activities are grouped into six area teams.


What should I do if a grate or manhole cover is missing?

How can I get my creek ditch cleaned?

Need information on contract mowing?

How often are catch basins cleaned?

What are drainage or sanitary cave-ins?

Have you ever wondered what happens after you flush?

MSD has reorganized its wastewater and drainage programs into eleven watersheds.

Last Updated: October 19, 2010

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